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Just wired the money, getting the addresses set up for the Health Certificate and Coggins! Gotta call horse transport….it’s done.  He’s mine. The Christmas Horse is now MY Christmas Horse!

So here are the stats:

17 hand dark bay 2005 KWPN  gelding by United out of a Havidoff mare….His name is Aramo but will henceforth be known as Arie, pronounced ah-ree or if I can find someone who speaks Dutch to confirm the pronunciation, ah-ree- e….final “e” a schwa sound for the linguists and language people who may stumble on to this post…

I really don’t know quite what to do with all my joy!!!! But I DO love my fabulous, generous husband!!!

Wish I had another photo to share, but what the heck….here’s the one I posted a few days ago…

I’m having a bit of difficulty getting oxygen…..early Merry Christmas to you ALL!