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I was happy to get an e-mail from Germany! My trainer is over  there, coaching  a young rider for the World Youth Invitational <I think that’s what the competition is called>  in Frankfurt… I’ve been e-mailing her about the Christmas horse to no avail. Finally, a reply!

She can’t wait to meet the horse! I think in the back of my mind I was expecting her to be disappointed in not participating in the selection process. Not the case at all!  Just excitement, anticipation and a little discussion on stabling logistics as her barn is full and I’ll need to keep him at the place next door.

Of  the many joys of wintering in Wellington, Florida,  the  little ranchette and farmette communities rank really high. Whole neighborhoods of little horse farms, of people riding along the road with the right of way, clinics, schooling shows that one can often ride to…..and even if you have to trailer in, the bigs shows are a 15 minute haul….really cuts down on show expenses as no hotels, not much gas,and often, no stabling required. Plus there are shows nearly every weekend.

So, normally, I would be panicked at the thought of finding a stall….but it’s not a big deal. On my trainer’s block, I am certain to find one. Already have feelers out…

I am longing to ride…..it’s been too long. And I dislike the amount of angst I gather when I haven’t been on a horse.  It’s as if all my old fears are crowding up the path searching for resurrection….

About 36 hours until vetting…