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My husband is back to the city, so it’s just me and the dogs hanging out at our country place. Did some on-line Christmas shopping…..I’m a bit stumped for some presents, but I’m sure more ideas will arrive…..

My shelties are so happy out here…..they chase animals, dig up dirt, enjoy the cold , they eat with a better appetite….they are plain, old happy and would love it if they never had to spend time in the city. They miss my husband, however, and always have an ear cocked or else rest near doorways in order to be immediately apprised of hubby’s arrival. They are pretty happy at our Florida house as well…..it’s just the city they have no use for, although Sebastian will go anywhere I go and make the best of it. Sabrina is quite the little diva and lets us know when she is not pleased with her environment!

This is a legitimate ramble as I really have nothing to share or tell. But I do feel like writing. I am quite distracted by awaiting  the new horse and really hope I will settle down and focus once the vetting is through. I have such plans for this horse but be it the practical or the long-term theoretical, I can’t do anything but ponder our misty future until he’s been bought and paid for. I can’t even book transport to Florida for him until the deal is done. I just hate the “hurry up and wait” quality to it all! I’m such a kid still about this stuff.

Have been reading and watching DVD’s on training. Along with “Riding Logic,” I’m rereading Steinbrecht’s “The Gymnasium of the Horse,” Seunig’s “Horsemanship,” Podhajsky’s “My Horses, My Teachers,” and Schoffman’s “Klaus Balkenhol: The Man and His Training Methods.” Balkenhol is a newer idol of mine. I have been aware of him for quite some time, of course. But his DVD’s, along with his Xenophon Club have really made me into a fan. I am particularly fond of his recent trilogy on training and watch them over and over…I’ve audited a couple of his clinics in Florida and I am so impressed with his point of  view and his very humane way of training! No rollkur in his program!!!

There is a quote from the inner liner of his book jacket that I like very much : “I don’t believe classical dressage and competitive dressage oppose each other. Rather, I believe they form a symbiosis.” I believe this is the direction dressage has to take….it’s a great book and I highly recommend it. Of course the others I referred to belong in every horse person’s library.



So just now, I’m jumping about in my books, gleaning info that will help me train my new horse in an age appropriate way.No rushing, as I want to have this horse a long, long time. And I have also pre-forgiven myself if I have to hire support to get us through our first year together…if I’m not feeling confident and riding forward enough, I will definitely get someone up on him to do the job the right way!

Except for trying the Christmas horse, I haven’t ridden since before Thanksgiving when I was last in Florida. I miss my mares so much. This much down time from riding is not good for my psyche at all. I become prey to fears and doubts of future success in competition, I eat too much and exercise too little! And you don’t need to tell me there is no excuse for this. But it happens….I think lots of competitive or driven people must have a bit of manic-depressive tendency in them! At least I hope I’m not alone anyway!!!

Well…back to my reading, my day dreaming,and cuddling my dogs…..back to waiting….