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Forty-eight hours to go!  I thought that with age comes patience….It ain’t so. Patience implies that one has time to spare. When you begin to age, this simply isn’t true. I am worse than a child waiting for Santa! I am dying to post photos, share my adventures in his training,  get on and just ride, play, groom, just get my hands on this horse!

I guess I have finally arrived at that place in life that truly embraces the concept of instant gratification. I know what I want and  therefore, would like it now please!

My trainer is currently in Germany and doesn’t even know I’ve picked THE horse. Don’t misunderstand! She’s aware of my horse quest and I have her blessing to choose on my own. Now that was a report card all by itself. I must have picked up some education after 6 plus years with her. She said before leaving the magic words: “I trust you.” That meant a lot to me.

OK, off to get some real work done….

Cherish the ride….