It is incredible how immature one grows when one is awaiting trying prospective new horse…I am useless!!! With my luck none of the horse I will try Thursday will be the “one!”….

Missing my girls alot. have been reviewing the tests I’m hoping to ride this winter. Third level with Rafi!!! Whew! FINALLY! Do you ever feel like you aren’t getting anywhere, in slow motion! Seems that way to me.

Pulled out Mueseler’s “Riding Logic” tonight as I went out to dinner alone in the city. I have returned to that book so often over the years….just reading about seat: the feel, the balance, the relaxation, actually made me realize that I have learned a few things over the years….it’s not going to my head, though. I have a long way to go!

I am leaning tonight toward the four year old. Despite my concerns about my advancing years, I love this horse’s movement…if he’s forward without heat, I may just go for him. The other horse I really like is my younger mare’s full sister. The “known quantity” aspect of this filly has real appeal as I know the breeder and how she raises her babies, I know the dam and the sire and I’ve owned her sister since she was a yearling. But she’s a very big mare and if she’s at all lazy, I don’t think I want to take her on….but I really do love her sister’s great qualities! So she has second place tonight…

Maybe tomorrow I will the reverse….can’t wait to ride them…