My very beloved husband has decided to buy me another horse for Christmas. This is definitely the surprise present ofmy lifetime and I am thrilled….Will try 2 this Thursday. I have always wanted to own three…with Rafi coming 15 this spring and Callista coming 8, a younger one will be perfect….so I’m, slightly apprehensively, trying a 4 and a 5 year old. I’m pleased with these two contenders that i have found. I’m actually leaning towards the four year old, if he’s got a good, sensible character…he has lovely gaits, wonderful elasticity and looks a happy camper in the video and after 2 mares, it would be nice to have a gelding again

The youngster obviously hasn’t been rushed. So many of the young horses on the sales videos I’ve seen look crammed into advanced work! Their tails swishing, stumbling through faux piaffes, croup high in their changes….some are shown in doubles and already pulled behind the vertical….

I’m trying to weed through these type of sales ploys…I’ve noticed a real correlation between these rushed babies and correspondingly high prices! It is really easy, I guess, to dupe a prospective buyer….At any rate, I’m only looking IN PERSON at horses that seem to be ridden in a manner that speaks to the horse’s age and realistic level of training.

Cynicism aside, I am positively over the moon… of the horses is a full sister to Callista! if she has half the quality and strengths of Callista, then the 5 year old is a real candidate.

Will update this with other contenders or choice soon…